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The 19th Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition 2024 Apr 28, 2024

Date and place of physical exhibition: 27-30 April 2024▪Asia International Expo Hong Kong

1. Exhibition features, different Hong Kong Printing and Packaging Exhibition was held in 2006, is an international exhibition union UFI certified professional brand exhibition. Provide a leading display platform for suppliers of printing and packaging products, materials, services and solutions. It completely overturned the traditional printing and packaging exhibition equipment manufacturers as exhibitors, and the downstream printing factory packaging factory as buyers to purchase the latest equipment and consumables pattern. The exhibitors consof various types of printing service providers, packaging service and solution providers, while downstream buyers are prospective users of printing and packaging services in manufacturing, services, finance and other industries. The exhibition will be held in a new integrated exhibition mode "EXHIBITION +" (exhibition +), combined with the physical exhibition, "business exchange" (Click2Match) online intelligent matching platform, "code scanning" (Scan2Match), offline and online procurement platform, to fully assist global merchants online and offline negotiations.

2. Past session review, the exhibition grand occasion In 2023, the number of exhibitors will reach 460, and 55,590 buyers from 131 countries and regions came to the exhibition, and 49 printing buyers from 50 international exhibitions and regions were invited to attend. More than 23,000 are in Hong Kong and more than 32,000 buyers are out of town. The first 10 most buyers are from countries and regions: the United States, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Mainland China and Taiwan. Hong Kong, China Well-known printing and packaging companies such as Minsheng Envelope, Zhongda Printing Company, Lijia Printing Company, Next Technologies (HK) Limited and others introduce their latest products and technologies at the exhibition. The top 100 and leading enterprises in the printing industry in mainland China, such as Shenzhen Jiuxing, Xiamen Jihong, Fujian Hanwang, Zhejiang Shuguang, Zhejiang Xinya, etc., as well as the leading enterprises in the printing and packaging industry attended the exhibition, such as Dongguan Jingli in the metal packaging industry, Shenzhen Meisheng long, etc. Such as paper display shelf industry leading enterprises Shenzhen Yisen, Ningbo isen, etc. In addition, exhibitors from Hungary, Vietnam and India also enthusiastically participated in the exhibition, including the overall printing and packaging service providers.

3. A brand-new "Exhibition +" service The following "Exhibition +" mainly includes: 1. Physical Exhibition (April 27-30) -The Hong Kong Asia International Expo allows exhibitors to attend the physical exhibition to negotiate face to face with international buyers and display their products. 2. "Business change" service (April 20-May 7) intelligent matching platform, showing the exhibitor company overview, products and clothing Service, continue to purchase outside the physical exhibition, allow exhibitors to contact buyers around the world online, conduct real-time chat and arrange online video meetings. Online meetings can be booked from April 12, and will have real-time communication and video conference from April 19-29. 3. "Scan code easy" (Scan2Match), offline and online seamless connection, buyers can collect favorite exhibitors in the physical exhibition, browse product information, and continue online negotiation with exhibitors during or after the exhibition; exhibitors can collect detailed information of buyers and during the exhibition Or later, conduct online negotiations with the buyer. 4. Procurement (March 27-May 26) Exhibitors can enjoy the two-month promotion service of "Procurement" online platform, use 3GB of media storage space, and display exhibitors' products and services with photos and videos.

4. Exhibition area, the focus point "E-commerce Packaging Scheme" With the rapid development of global cross-border e-commerce industry, electricity packaging become the focus of supply chain optimization, "electricity packaging" exhibition is committed to grasp the potential for enterprises, focusing on electricity packaging automation technology, transportation protection packaging, electricity, goods packaging materials, environmental protection, packaging, fresh cold chain packaging, delivery, food packaging, Internet intelligent packaging, product tracking solutions, anti-counterfeiting packaging and electricity label barcode technology, realize enterprise online further integration. "Green Printing and Packaging Scheme" The prestigious green printing and packaging solutions exhibition area is an ideal venue for displaying favorable sustainable development and renewable materials, environmentally friendly products and related services, and is bound to attract countless buyers from different industries. Exhibitors from different categories will display various environmentally friendly printing solutions, recyclable packaging products, and even innovative waste solvent renewable systems. The exhibition area will list more new product categories, where you can see renewable materials and related products and technologies conducive to sustainable development, as well as the future trend of environmentally friendly packaging. "Food and Beverage Packaging Scheme" Nowadays, consumers have a fast pace of life, seeking more convenient food packaging, a variety of pre-packaged food emerged. The food and beverage packaging solutions exhibition area set up by the conference will present a variety of attractive catering packaging solutions, providing an ideal display platform for those engaged in food and beverage packaging. The exhibits in this area cover beverage packaging, plastic absorption packaging, soft packaging, metal packaging, wine packaging, label printing and other categories. Other traditional key exhibition areas including printing services, packaging services, digital printing and 3D printing, retail display advertising and identification, printing and packaging equipment and systems, printing consumables and packaging materials will also return with honor.

5. Extensive publicity, good service The Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is jointly organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Hong Kong International Exhibition Limited. Both organizations have years of experience in organizing international business exhibitions to make printing and packaging exhibitions successful. HKTta and Huagang International carry out a wide range of publicity activities through global business networks, including advertising campaigns, press releases, special newspaper issues, direct mail publicity, etc., to attract buyers to attend the exhibition. The organizer has 50 buyer offices around the world responsible for contacting and serving global buyers nearby. At the same time, in order to encourage more high-quality buyers to purchase a variety of buyer sponsorship programs. The exhibition site is set up a VIP gallery, email center, prayer room, news center and other supporting service facilities, so that buyers can visit the exhibition to enjoy the honor. Exhibitors can gain more business opportunities and expand their market advantages through a series of activities and services related to the exhibition. Expert seminars organized by the conference will help the industry better understand the innovative development of the industry and strengthen contact with major buyers through various communication activities. Participating in the exhibition can understand the future development of the printing and packaging industry, and walk at the forefront of new trends, more fully grasp each business opportunity, to deal with a variety of competitive market challenges.

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